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Visiting the renovated Loft Recording Studio for The Columbusite

I took a risk when I transitioned from print to television late last summer. I knew after talking to peers who already worked at WRBL that I would gain an energetic newsroom. I would be elbows-deep in breaking hard news stories for a market of more than half a million people. But I risked losing the intimate access to the arts community I had developed over three years editing The Local

I’ve been lucky. The Columbus arts scene is vibrant, bright most of all because its hearth doors are open—toss in a log! The relationships I built at The Local—with painters, filmmakers, musicians—have remained warm, a testament to the open-heartedness friends like Matthew McCabe and Wyndhem Ennaemba. To help keep my connections kindled through the months following my move, I have enterprised some arts stories, and I have helped reporters I work with land stories, like when Anjelicia Bruton covered Jontavious Willis’ Grammy nomination. The move from magazine to television has been productive on all fronts, garnering my friends I the arts greater visibility and helping my friends in the newsroom develop great stories.

But I did lose much of the closeness with the arts community I enjoyed while editing The Local. Making a phone call to connect a reporter to a source, helping to bring other people together is rewarding; but I have also missed being a party of those conversations, missed being the one tasked with telling the story of our vibrant community I love so much. 

An auspicious concurrences allowed me, once again, to play prime recorder of interesting events. 

First, I met Carrie Beth Wallace at The Local Choice Awards Show in January. Carrie Beth operates The Columbusite, an elegant culture blog, and I have watched and admired her work now for years, all the way back to the days when she and I were both stringers for the Ledger-Enquirer, cranking out copy for Her Magazine and The Big ToDo. Second, Matthew McCabe and Wyndhem Ennaemba collaborated on a major renovation project. They retrofitted The Loft Recording Studio, updating the space with an array of new equipment to make it ready to meet the new demands of a new decade. Carrie Beth wanted me to write for The Columbusite; I had the perfect story for her platform. 

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to jump over to The Columbusite to read the story. Afterward, take a little time to browse the rest of the blog. Carrie Beth curates an excellent arts resource for the Columbus area, and if you’re interested in learning more about the goings-on in this part of the world, it’s a fine place to begin poking around.

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